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... registered companies in Germany may appoint one or more "Prokuristen" who need to be registered in the commercial register and are entitled to act on behalf of the company?

... some companies unwittingly present themselves as "middle-class companies" instead of medium-sized companies?

Based upon my academically acquired business knowledge and commercial experience of several years in various industries (transportation, banking, industrial suppliers), internships in the consulting and PR industry as well as my focus on business-related translations, I ensure that the translation of your texts complies with the specialist language and is correct in content.

Examples of my previous translation projects on business issues:

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Publications (in German)

Behrendt, Bettina/Keller, Diane (2012): 'Englisch als Gerichtssprache', NJW 4/2012, 14. – (opinion on behalf of the legal translators' mailing list 'Juristische Übersetzer' on a bill to introduce English as an official language in German courts)

Behrendt, Bettina (2011): 'Ermächtigte Übersetzer und allgemein beeidigte Dolmetscher müssen Rechtssprachkenntnisse nachweisen', KammerReport Hamm 5/2011, S. 21f.